Pennsylvania’s Patrick Murphy - Keeping Twitter Classy

This guy wanted to be a state attorney general.  Now he’s a blue Twitter pundit. Keep it classy Congressman.

”@tomfitzgerald: Romney troops stampeding into the spin room with 10 min still on debate clock.” I wouldn’t want to watch getting his ass..

— Patrick J. Murphy (@PatrickMurphyPA)

October 23, 2012

”@mikeschlossberg: @patrickmurphypa can I just say how happy I am that you are on twitter?” Me too, I’m not fucking around. #RomneyNotReady

— Patrick J. Murphy (@PatrickMurphyPA)

October 23, 2012

”@danielebindc: @wedeciderv @berkley4senate Great 2 c @patrickmurphypa in LV campaigning! #NV2012…" Keep kicking ass!!!

— Patrick J. Murphy (@PatrickMurphyPA)

October 23, 2012

Thanks for keeping the political info flow classy Congressman. 

A little covered detail from the Vice Presidential debate the other night:

Between answers, Biden clutched his hands impatiently. At other times, he jotted points on a notepad.

Ryan listened and kept his hands folded from across the table, occasionally scribbling notes on full-size sheets of copy paper.

But when Ryan made statements that annoyed Biden, the vice president repeatedly stretched his left arm across the table toward Ryan — coming close to covering Ryan’s notes.

Was the Vice President debating Chicago style?  Or was he just trying to reach out and touch Paul Ryan?

A misplaced comma

A quick read of this Tweet from California SOS Debra Bowen would leave the impression that she’s not one for the flying public.  A closer read shows she’s using proper punctuation, and is actually trying to figure out how to be a considerate flyer.

On a full flight w my 12 buck CPK pizza; impossible to avoid annoying hungry ppl around me. Anyone know why it’s called a buffalo pizza? #fb

— Debra Bowen (@DBowen)

October 12, 2012

Not all twits are so grammatically correct.

If you think you’re the first and only person in the political business clever enough to pull off comparing the other side to Nazis - you’re not.

If you think your side has the absolute upper hand in a policy debate, and are allowed to compare the other side to Nazis - you don’t.  

If you think you can get away with such a silly simile while everybody else gets caught - you’re wrong.  

Whatever credibility you think you had that allows you to call your opponents Nazis never really existed.  

To recap - don’t be tempted to do it - it never turns out well.